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“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

-John 8:12

From Rock Bottom to Redemption – Adam’s Path to the Eucharist

Well, Adam, it’s great to have you here in a place that’s so familiar to you. The first time I remember meeting you was actually in a pew right back over there on Christmas Eve night. That was a discernment time for you. Can you share how you started coming to the Catholic Church and what was going on in your life at that time?

Thank you, Father. It’s wonderful to be here. I grew up in a Christian family with good morals and values, but I didn’t go to church often. I didn’t pray or do much of anything like that. It was kind of just living in the world. As I went through college at Purdue (Boiler Up), I really took a deep dive into the secular world, chasing materialistic things, parties, and unsustainable pleasures.

Rock Bottom and Faith

I had a rock bottom moment where I went from being agnostic or atheist to realizing there absolutely is a God. My best friend, Stone Robbins, picked me up that night and took me to St. Luke Catholic Church, which had an open door because of construction. We sat in a side chapel for an hour or so in front of the Tabernacle. Stone said, “I think it’s about time you start coming to church with us.” I started going to Mass every Sunday, and by Christmas Eve, I felt drawn to pray at St. John’s before Midnight Mass. That night, I decided to become Catholic.

Book Study and Meeting Sarah

I joined a book study for Dr. Edward Sri’s “A Biblical Walk Through the Mass,” which was perfect for someone like me who knew nothing about the Mass. At this book study, I met my future wife, Sarah. She spoke about the procession of Saints and angels during the Mass, which has stuck with me ever since.

Living a Catholic Life

Choosing to live a faithful life as a Catholic involves daily challenges, especially in the secular world. My business partner and I, both faithful in our ways, try to lead our lives and work in a way that reflects Jesus’ teachings.

Receiving the Eucharist has provided a sense of fulfillment that I had never experienced before. It’s the first genuine experience of being completely satisfied and sustained, and it fortifies me daily. Even though I’m busy with work, receiving the Eucharist remains central to my life.

Disclaimer: This is a revised and condensed version of the original podcast transcript for storytelling purposes. You can listen to the full podcast to hear the complete, unedited conversation and story here.